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Niki Classic

Niki Classic Pine & Eucalyptus Car Fragrance

Pine & Eucalyptus


Pine & Eucalyptus Car Air Fragrance with refill

Niki Classic is the perfect treat for you or a gift for a friend or family
Italian design to create a statement
It contains an ingredient that combats unpleasant odours.
Each product is supplied with a highly fragranced patented refill
The refill allows you to change your fragrance to match your mood
Made in Italy. Design by Luca Trazzi.

• size: 60mm x 70mm
• color: camouflage
 fragrance: pine & eucalyptus
 olfactory family: aromatic


Top notes: mint, green lemon, eucalyptus
Heart notes:Sage, white thyme, rosemary
Base notes: siberian pine, woody notes

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Fragrances for your car, available in a range of finishes.  


Refills available in a range of fragrances