Welcome to Mr & Mrs Fragrance UK, the official site of high quality car fragrances.

Innovative iconic design, aesthetic refinement and a fascination with the finest fragrances come together in these unique car fragrances and car freshener collections.

These high quality fragrances are encapsulated in an EVA polymer and contains an ingredient that combats unpleasant odours. This design allows for a gentle release of fragrance over a prolonged period of time and our Niki design is available with a refill so you can change your fragrance to match your mood.

 A unique range of playful designs coupled with French and Italian fragrances.  These products carry powerful geographic associations with Italian attitude, history, culture and style. A Love of life, Innovative iconic design, aesthetic refinement, fascination with the finest materials and world class fragrances.  These designs are brought to life at our production facilities in the North of Italy 


What our customers are saying...

So buzzed with my new car freshener. Amazing fragrances and designs
I Carter, Staffordshire
Love the smell, sits perfectly in the airvent
Dr Lewis, London
I love my new Niki Mojito
H Green, Dorset
Oh I just love my new car freshener thank you
T Johnson, Essex